A Critical North London Derby

The day is upon us. The battle cries can be heard all over London and across the globe. This may be the most crucial North London Derby yet. The stakes are incredibly high.

With both club’s new signings vying for attention and a starting-XI spot, we’re in for a high-flying end-to-end barn burner. It will be quite the swing for a top-4 push if either team could snag a victory.

Let’s look at the FPL potential of the three hot newcomers, who will be diving deep into their first North London Derby blood rush:

  1. Lucas Moura (£8.0)
    • The speedy Brazilian is expected to make his first appearance for Spurs today. I expect him to come in as a sub instead of Sissoko for most likely Son. If he starts, it’ll hype up a lot of Spurs’ faithful. We’ll see if he’s worth picking up after seeing his pace at play in the Premier League and against a top-six side.
  2. Aubameyang (£10.5)
    • We’ll see if Aubameyang can consistently justify his FPL price tag. The striker is all-legs (and all-hair) and preys on getting behind his opponent’s backline. His little dink of a goal against Everton was impressive and quaint.
    • I’m thinking of jousting Agüero for gameweek 29 and bringing in Aubameyang as they start a friendly string of fixtures. It’d give me flexible funds for options elsewhere in defence or midfield.
  3. Mkhitaryan (£7.8)
    • I have a feeling that Mkhi will cool off again just like he did with United. Wenger will put his faith in him, but he isn’t strong enough on the ball to muscle his way through when times get tough.
    • Although, I would say Mkhi is the best bargain of these three new FPL options. He’ll have a hand in creating a lot of Arsenal’s scoring chances.

Sit back and grab the popcorn—this derby should be a doozy. Enjoy, and may all your arrows be green this gameweek!

– Fro

FPL GW24 Review | GW25 Preview

Spurs 1 – 1 Saints

Spurs never got into the groove against the Saints, and it cost them a top-4 spot. Kane had a glorious chance in the last minutes, but he and the squad never looked convincing to get a victory. Wipe away the OG and maybe this could’ve been a different story, but Son was absent, Alli never looked threatening, and when Eriksen and Lloris are out ill… good luck.

Next up: United. This will be a much-needed test for both squads. Alexis will be licking his chops after his last performance against them as a Gunner. Kane will most likely be given the space he needs to dominate, but it should be a tight match.

With the Lucas Moura move seemingly about to come to fruition, Spurs need that pace to inject a new attacking option into their arsenal. His services will hopefully be available by Liverpool on Feb. 4.

Prediction: Spurs 1 – 1 United

Spurs FPL Guidance

This is tough because a lot of people are thinking about minimizing their Spurs options due to the club’s next three fixtures: United, Liverpool, Arsenal, then Juventus in UCL—aka the gauntlet of their season. It will be a testing period for them. I’ll take the glass-half-full approach with you here, though.

1. Must swap: Kane (£13.0)

  • Kane shows up in the big matches. However, his record against Mourinho’s men isn’t stellar. I’d suggest (if you can afford to do so) swapping him out for Agüero for this gameweek and then bringing him back for Liverpool, who he dominated last time he played them.

2. Differential: Dier (£4.7 at 2.6%)

  • Best bang for your buck for a Spurs player under 10% selection. I wouldn’t suggest bringing in a defender due to the unlikelihood of clean sheets. Dier possesses the potential for the odd goal and he’s a cheap option.

3. Avoid: Eriksen (£9.2)

  • Coming back from illness against United, I really don’t see him making an impression on the match (if he plays). He was in decent form before he fell ill, so maybe hold off until this storm of fixtures subsides.

As always let me know our thoughts! Comment here or tweet me, @LuizsFro.

May all your arrows be green for Gameweek 25!

– Fro

FPL Spurs GW 18 Review | GW 19 Preview

Spurs 1–4 Man City

Man City is a class above the rest in England. They are untouchable and I really don’t see them slipping from their invincible form. At the halfway point, many believe they’ve already won. *Shaking my head in disbelief and forlorn… and agreement*

Spurs got understandably frustrated with how inferior they were and were ultimately lucky not to go down to nine men. If Kane and Alli got sent off, it might’ve been a miserable Christmas in North London. Thankfully they didn’t and it’s time to move on.

Burnley is up next to start a run of relatively easier fixtures. Spurs mustn’t lose sight of a top-four finish now. I predict a messy bounce back against Burnley. With Lamela back in the side as an option, Spurs finally look like a team that can run at and attack their opposition. Lamela will draw in defences, which will open up lanes for his teammates to take advantage of.

Spurs 2–1 Burnley

FPL Guidance:

1.     Must-Have: Eriksen (£9.3 at 14.6%)

  • With almost a third of the ownership as Kane, Eriksen is back in form and has a four-match scoring streak. Kane’s form is spotty and many people are jumping off the expensive Kane train.

2.     Differential & Bargain: Son (£8.0 at 3.8%)

  • In a season where prime midfielders reign supreme, Son is a bargain and affordable. I picked him up against City based on the fact that I thought he could nick a goal like he did last year, but I picked him up one week too early. He’s getting starting minutes now and proving he’s deserving of it. Look for him to have a great holiday period. He’s now surpassed Alli for third in FPL scoring on the team.
    • p.s. I’d be willing to bet that Alli would be sacrificed for Lamela, not Son (if you’re sweating about it).

3.     Avoid: Alli (£9.0 at 11.9%)

  • The fiery youngster is not performing up to his standards. Hopefully it comes over this holiday season, but for now, I’d watch from a distance. He hasn’t scored in 10 gameweeks and has only two assists in his last nine matches. Not good enough.

Enjoy the holiday fixtures and may all your arrows be green this season!

Spurs GW5 Review | GW6 Preview

Spurs 0 – 0 Swans

My oh my, Wembley is a tough nut to crack. Spurs did everything but score last weekend and came out with a goose-egg draw versus the Swans. Pretty boring match to be honest. We thought Mike Dean was a Spurs fan… a couple of pens should’ve been awarded (maybe).




It felt like Spurs tried to work the ball down the right flank only to settle for a mediocre cross. It was frustrating, to say the least. The stats were lopsided, but Swansea deserves a pat on the back for executing their defensive tactics to a tee. With their dense red kits, Swansea was a formidable brick wall that got in front of the ball and clogged up the top of the box.

This weekend, Spurs head to the London Stadium for a London derby against West Ham, which should be a way more open game. Look for Spurs to crack a West Ham side who have struggled to start the season. The Hammers are coming off two straight league clean sheets, however. I don’t see them parking the bus against Spurs though.

Gameweek 6 Predicted Scoreline:

Spurs 2 – 1 West Ham

Goal scorers:

Spurs: Alli, Kane
Hammers: Carroll

FPL Guidance:

  1. Must have – Davies (£5.7)
    • Yes, I did drop Kane. I don’t want to miss the Agüero train. Hopefully, I don’t miss the Kane train in the process. Davies will be back in the lineup this weekend. With all the chances he’s been creating, look for him to inject some lively play and feed the lads up front.
  2. Differential – Vertonghen (£6.0)
    • This guy is nailed on week in and week out. With the uncertainty of Spurs rotating their fullbacks, Vertonghen will play and just might convert on one of those corner chances he keeps getting.
  3. Bargain – Trippier (£5.4)
    • Tripps is still available at a discounted price. He assisted Alli this past week in the Carabao Cup, but will Aurier get the start this weekend? That unknown will haunt your FPL decisions if you’re considering him. Time will tell if he’s the true number one RWB.
  4. Avoid – Sissoko (£5.4)
    • The strange mysterious of Sissoko. He starts and has the opportunity to prove his worth but doesn’t assert himself on the game. It’s puzzling. We really want to like this bloke.

Spurs GW4 Review | GW 5 Preview

Spurs are finding their groove and it’s fun to watch. September finally struck and Kane’s third successive August curse was instantly lifted. The England international has a treble of braces in his last four games played in all competitions. Red-hot form.

Spurs 3 – 0 Everton

Kane got his 100th goal for the club on a fluke cross that looked more like a heat-seeking missile. The possession stats were almost exactly 50-50 but it didn’t feel that way in the gameplay. Everton made unbelievable errors in critical areas while Spurs took advantage and looked dangerous with every chance they got. All-in-all a routine victory for a top four favourite.

We predict a Spurs’ blowout victory against Swansea and expect a clean sheet this Saturday, as the Swans are struggling to find where the goals will come from. Plus the back three of Alderweireld, Davinson Sánchez, and Vertonghen are starting to gel.

Spurs 3 – 1 Dortmund

Spurs’ midweek Champions League clash against Dortmund was an exciting back-and-forth showdown. Spurs countered Dortmund’s possessive attack and high defensive line with ease and expelled their Wembley hoodoo in the process.

We’re hoping to see this home performance carry over into the Premier League this Saturday versus Swansea. Davinson Sánchez at CB is looking rock solid, while Aurier had quite the debut at RWB. Both showed their muscle and ball retention skills and put on an impressive defensive display.

In what most people consider to be the group of death, Spurs are now in a great position out of the gate alongside Real Madrid. It will most likely come down to Dortmund and Spurs to see who moves on into the knockout stages, and Spurs drew first blood.

Gameweek 5 Predicted Scoreline

Spurs 4 – 0 Swans

Goal scorers:
Spurs—Kane (2), Alli, Llorente

Fantasy Premier League Guidance

  1. Must have – Kane (£12.4)
    • With 6 goals in his last 4 games for club and country, he’s on fire. Bring him back into your squad if you can because he may keep this red-hot form going until at least Christmas.
  2. Bargain & Differential – Son (£8.0 at 1.0%)
    • With many scoring midfielders being highly priced at above £8.5, Son could be a great differential pick. He started midweek in the Champions League because of Dele Alli’s ban, but look for him to get a start sooner than later in the Premier League. His goal against Dortmund was a thing of beauty.
    • He’s too expensive to be a bench player and won’t get enough minutes to be an effective starter for your FPL squad. He may be a super sub for Spurs, but we don’t believe he has much fantasy value.

Spurs GW3 Review | GW4 Preview

Wembley is a cruel beast. Spurs have to learn how to calm the ambition of visiting sides who rise to the challenge and play bigger than they are in the epic, historical stadium.

Against Burnley, Spurs decided to push for an insurance marker instead of call it a night and defend FIRST in stoppage time. Trippier looked out of sorts in the final minutes (as did the defence as a whole really) and Burnley’s new man Wood took advantage with a blue-collar finish.

Away at Everton this Saturday will suit the team as they look to get back to winning ways. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Spurs do better on the road than at home this season. Keep that in mind in regards to FPL. Everton is no push over however, and the Toffees will want to bounce back after a disappointing showing against Chelsea in GW3. Hopefully it’s an exciting match and a Spurs victory, but I see it being a draw… and history favours Everton:

Everton are unbeaten in nine of their last 10 home matches
against Tottenham in all competitions.

Predicted score line: Spurs 1 – 1 Everton

Goal scorers:
Spurs – Kane
Everton – Sigurdsson

FPL Guidance

  1. Stand-out performer: Alli (£9.5)
    • Versus Burnley, Alli got down and dirty and finally pounded in his own rebound to put Spurs up 1–0. He was a threat all game and came out with 2 bonus points. However, his middle finger fiasco may affect his play with all the attention he’s getting from FIFA’s decision to open disciplinary proceedings.
    • Look for him to channel this attention for the better. He thrives on controversy.
  2. Value for money: Kane (£12.4)
    • Wow, he actually dropped in price… this only helps if you’d like to bring him in and lost a £0.1 elsewhere. He’s going to score. Let’s just hope it starts now.
  3. Differential pick: Dier (£5.0)
    • Last week I said stay away. This week I say why not? Dier scored a beauty goal for England during the international break and he’ll be flying high from it. He’ll definitely be looking to get another chance to bury a peach on a corner this weekend.
  4. Avoid: Trippier (£5.4)
    • With Aurier coming into the squad, Spurs have healthy competition in the RB position. Trippier might still be harbouring an injury and may see rotation.