FPL Podcast – 3 Bonus Pints | Episode 5: Ned’s Flying High

We’re back! In this episode, we scratch our FPL-riddled heads and wonder how Ned is doing so well (13th in Canada? Top 1,000 in the world?!) No wrong answers with Ned this time around—only “right” ones.

But I’ll let Sage prime you before you get into a half an hour of FPL enlightenment:

“After the festive fixtures, and a lacklustre double gameweek we have forged our way into the second half of the FPL season. The lucrative wildcard button is available and some managers have already activated. The #3BonusPints podcast is reviving their recording to discuss the best time to use the wildcard, bench boost, triple captain, and free hit chips.

We will also look at which players you need to bring into your team over the next 3 gameweeks and who you should avoid. As always, we will provide comedic relief amidst the stressful highs and lows of FPL drama. Gameweek 24 sees some favourable fixtures for the big clubs, so we will address the ever-important captaincy pick! Tune in and enjoy.”

Fro’s FPL New Year’s Wish

First off, I’d like to announce that our 3 Bonus Pints hiatus will be coming to a close very soon. We are finding a diplomatic way to settle our creative differences. Ned wants more credit, Sage wants more volume, and I just want us all to get along.

Over the holidays, we hung up our boots (we’re too poor to have speciality stockings) and wished for Big Sam (Allardyce) to shuffle down our chimneys and fill our boots with green arrows. I’m afraid it didn’t happen. Well, I shouldn’t say that… because it happened for Ned.

I’m afraid Ned cannot be caught in FPL. While we were watching the acrimonious Spurs vs Hammers draw, Ned (a Spurs fan) was inexplicably and figuratively forever blowing bubbles. He turned his phone screen toward me and I saw that he was ranked 20th overall in Canada. I was taken aback and a tinge of jealousy glistened through my pint.

It will now be my New Year’s wish, resolution, and mission to catch Ned in the FPL overall rankings. A lofty goal, no doubt. Wish me green-arrow luck.

p.s. Ned, I think you’ve now earned the credit you’ve long sought after.

– Fro

FPL Spurs GW 18 Review | GW 19 Preview

Spurs 1–4 Man City

Man City is a class above the rest in England. They are untouchable and I really don’t see them slipping from their invincible form. At the halfway point, many believe they’ve already won. *Shaking my head in disbelief and forlorn… and agreement*

Spurs got understandably frustrated with how inferior they were and were ultimately lucky not to go down to nine men. If Kane and Alli got sent off, it might’ve been a miserable Christmas in North London. Thankfully they didn’t and it’s time to move on.

Burnley is up next to start a run of relatively easier fixtures. Spurs mustn’t lose sight of a top-four finish now. I predict a messy bounce back against Burnley. With Lamela back in the side as an option, Spurs finally look like a team that can run at and attack their opposition. Lamela will draw in defences, which will open up lanes for his teammates to take advantage of.

Spurs 2–1 Burnley

FPL Guidance:

1.     Must-Have: Eriksen (£9.3 at 14.6%)

  • With almost a third of the ownership as Kane, Eriksen is back in form and has a four-match scoring streak. Kane’s form is spotty and many people are jumping off the expensive Kane train.

2.     Differential & Bargain: Son (£8.0 at 3.8%)

  • In a season where prime midfielders reign supreme, Son is a bargain and affordable. I picked him up against City based on the fact that I thought he could nick a goal like he did last year, but I picked him up one week too early. He’s getting starting minutes now and proving he’s deserving of it. Look for him to have a great holiday period. He’s now surpassed Alli for third in FPL scoring on the team.
    • p.s. I’d be willing to bet that Alli would be sacrificed for Lamela, not Son (if you’re sweating about it).

3.     Avoid: Alli (£9.0 at 11.9%)

  • The fiery youngster is not performing up to his standards. Hopefully it comes over this holiday season, but for now, I’d watch from a distance. He hasn’t scored in 10 gameweeks and has only two assists in his last nine matches. Not good enough.

Enjoy the holiday fixtures and may all your arrows be green this season!

FPL Gameweek 12 Review | 13 Preview

First off, here’s a little write-up I did for @FPLMyClub on Twitter.

Spurs 0 – 2 Arsenal

The North London Derby didn’t go as many people expected it to. Hats off to Arsenal. They had a game plan, stuck with it, defended well, and finished their chances. Spurs looked flat. Kane and Alli were apparently fit according to Poch, but I think he’s just shielding them from the media.

Take the loss and move on is just what Spurs did. They exceeded expectations and won their group-of-death in Champions League, and now they will carry that momentum into the weekend versus the manager-less West Brom.

Predicted Scoreline: Spurs 3 – 0 West Brom

It’s time Spurs put more than 1 or 2 goals on the board. I can see it happening against a broken club like West Brom.

1.     Must-Have: Kane (£12.8)

  • He bagged a pot shot against Dortmund to get the monkey off his back. Look for him to push hard for maybe a brace this weekend.

2.     Differential: Rose (£6.4 at 2.0%)

  • Hear me out. He’s back, he’s fit, and only 2.0% of the game has him. If he plays, and that’s a BIG IF, he may get some big returns. Here’s hoping.

3.     Avoid: Son (£7.9)

  • He’s stepping up huge in the Champions League, but he still doesn’t play enough big minutes to be an effective FPL asset.


Hopefully, Chelsea and Liverpool light up the scoreboard. After Liverpool’s collapse against Sevilla, they may just focus on tightening up overall as a team. Chelsea is flowing after scoring 8 goals in their past two games.

Who do you have bringing in some juicy returns this gameweek? I’ve yet to think about my free transfer, but despite the tilt between Liverpool and Chelsea, I can see Morata scoring a couple.

Best of luck in your decisions, and remember, it’s a Friday deadline! May all your arrows be green this gameweek.

– Fro




FPL Podcast – 3 Bonus Pints – Ep. 4: A Slack Baker’s Dozen

Fresh off the international break, the Premier League is back and ready to swing into its jam-packed holiday stretch. To get you settled back in, episode 4 of the 3 Bonus Pints is UP.

We have exciting news about the podcast: we’re now listed as an Apple podcast, so subscribe and fret no more!

Heading into Gameweek 12, Sage, Ned and I venture into our FPL lineups and how they’re shaping up for the holiday fixtures. We talk about some icy insights from The Fantasy Football Pundits and FPL Él Statto weighs in with a few tips of their own.

Pull up your squad, crack a tall boy, and settle in for some FPL banter and laughs.

May all your arrows be green this gameweek!

– Fro

FPL – International Breaks are the Worst

It’s been some time since you’ve heard from Luiz’s Fro. I’ve been behind the scenes working hard on designing a new visual identity for Luiz’s Fro. You’ll get to see it very soon, but for now, we must discuss FPL.

Who are the FPL conspiracy theorists out there? It’s very fishy/smart how several players’ injuries have arisen before this week’s international friendlies’ selections. Apart from poor Jack Butland’s broken finger, it’s too convenient that certain players went down with an injury to avoid being selected for their national squad.

It seems as though this is the perfect week break to rest before the holiday season is thrust upon the Premier League. I know it’s an honour to earn each and every cap for your country, but sometimes clubs are screwed over due to alternative physio practices and training regimes a lesser national team might have.

Let’s look at Spurs. They have 9 injuries and top the league in that category alongside Watford. Vertonghen, Kane, Alli, and Winks all just came down with not-so-concerning injuries. Why? Well, because either the injuries happened or just because now’s the time to rest!

It’s no secret that managers have complained about letting their prized players go play ‘meaningless’ friendlies. Many have been outspoken in previous years about wishing they could just no let them go.

I love to speculate about this sort of thing. Let me know what you think! Leave a comment or tweet me: @LuizsFro.

Enjoy the rest of this miserable international break!

– Fro

FPL Podcast – 3 Bonus Pints (Episode 3)

Hello again! It’s time for episode 3 of the 3 Bonus Pints. Gameweek 9 was an exciting one with Brighton & Hove upsetting the downtrodden Hammers and Spurs bashing the defence of Liverpool.

We have lots to talk about, so pull up your FPL squad, tuck yourself in, and listen to Sage, Ned, and I as we share a few pints and talk all things FPL.

This episode, ‘Wrong Answers with Ned’ kicks us off, we talk about a couple of FPL managers’ potential Wildcard teams, and we address the City conundrum of how to approach the Cityzens’ rotation risks. Enjoy!

May all your arrows be green this weekend!

– Fro