Due to an insane last week of studies in my program, I did not strategize my Wildcard enough. I activated last night knowing I needed to get this chip dealt so I could play another for the DGW!

It’s time I look through the microscope at my new squad (well, half new). I’m 56K overall at the moment and need some green arrows. With my Triple Captain and Bench Boost to play, I predict boatloads of green arrows to dock at my FPL port in the near future.

So here it is. Rip it apart. Praise it. I just need to know, what’s the better chip to use for the DGW? The BB or TC?

My bench has favourable matchups but Leicester have the most favourable double… but will Vardy and Mahrez produce several cracking returns?

Let me know what you think here or as always, tweet me at @LuizsFro.

May all your arrows be green next Gameweek! Should be a doozy.

– Fro

FPL Double Gameweek

It’s been scheduled for Gameweek 34: the week of doubles; the week of give-me-more; the week of second helpings; the Double Gameweek (DGW).

What’s your tactic? I played my Free Hit chip for the blank Gameweek and it didn’t give me the point differential I wanted. I still have my Wildcard though and will be looking to take advantage of bringing in the right players for the upcoming DGW. The Free Hit chip may be the best option, however, as the DGW teams don’t play on GW35.

The following is a starting-XI of players from each of the DGW clubs who I’m thinking are must-haves for that Gameweek (keep in mind this may change due to injuries and other unforeseeable circumstances):


  • MID: Stanislas – Two goals in his last two matches. The Cherries’ strikers aren’t getting it done right now, but he is.


  • FWD: Wood – He’s scored three and has one assist in his last three matches. Worth a go in my opinion.
  • DEF: Tarkowski or Ward might be too, but I don’t see clean sheets on the horizon against Leicester and Chelsea (even if both matches are at home).


  • MID: Gröss – The German has a goal and three apples in his last five matches. He may be back to his old ways from earlier in the season.


  • MID: Hazard – Will he show up during the DGW? He’s a maybe in my starting-XI. If you can fit him in go for it, but he hasn’t shown up the last two matches.
  • DEF: Alonso or Azpilicueta – Either may be viable options as Chelsea play Southampton and Burnley. Chelsea’s final string of fixtures is somewhat favourable too (plus Alonso on FKs is always dangerous).


  • FWD: Vardy  – I went from Kane to Vardy. Just seemed logical. Let’s hope it pays off and I can redistribute my leftover funds appropriately.
  • MID: Mahrez – He’s back in favour and up to his old tricks. I see him getting returns in both matches against Burnley and Southampton.


  • MID: Salah – You may think, wait a minute, Liverpool doesn’t have a DGW! I know. But you can’t afford to leave the king of this FPL season out of your lineup. You’ll get torched if you don’t include him—he’s playing Bournemouth (at home). Plus, if you’re like me, he’s gained about £1.0 in value.

Manchester United

  • FWD: Lukaku – He’s heating up. Three goals and two assists in his last five matches, (and goals in his last couple international matches) Big Rom is feeling it again.
  • GK: DDG – De Gea is facing the PL’s worst club West Brom at home and Bournemouth away with potential clean sheets in each. Worth a go if you ask me.


  • Don’t you dare… stay far away. One goal and six against in their last four matches. No thanks.


  • MID: Son – The Korean surpassed Eriksen in total FPL points last match. He might be playing as a false 9 in this Kane-less stretch as well. Take advantage of the lad and his Sonny disposition.
  • DEF: Aurier – He has 26 FPL points in his last three matches (2 CS, 1G). He’s on form, so look for him to start against City and be a difference-maker.

Possible WC

Keep in mind that the DGW teams don’t play in Gameweek 35 so you might want to keep a few of those high-flying Liverpool and City players to make sure you have a balanced squad.

May all your arrows be green this Gameweek!

– Fro

FPL Chips: Free Hit Strategy

I’ve finally played my first chip of the season: Free Hit. I was skeptical about this new weapon and wasn’t sure when the right time would be to use it. It rightly took the place of the utterly disappointing All-Out-Attack chip, which allowed managers to field only two defenders (most of the FPL Community found it useless and actually worse than fielding a back three).

When would be the best time to play the Free Hit chip though? In a blank or double Gameweek?

In Gameweek 31, only 8 clubs are playing. Deciding who to play is proving difficult for many FPL managers. Other than Liverpool, the clubs playing are mediocre, and you probably don’t have many of their players in your FPL squad. Using the FPL chip now means you’re able to bring in a select 11 who are in form and among the few playing this Gameweek. You will also most likely be guaranteed a green arrow for your overall FPL rank.

A double Gameweek (DGW) is fast approaching too. If you’ve already spent your second Wildcard, the DGW may be a better option for you. Waiting to use the Free Hit for it will allow you to have a starting 11 who will reap two games’ worth of points each.

Free Hit Rules:

  • Activate and you’ll be able to make unlimited transfers for one Gameweek.
  • After playing your Free Hit chip, at the next deadline your bank balance and squad is restored to as they were at the previous deadline, with any player price changes in the previous Gameweek reflected.
  • Any change to your bank balance whilst the Free Hit chip was active will be lost.

Go ahead and see what you think about my Free Hit! Comment or tweet me your feedback: @LuizsFro



May all your arrows be green this Gameweek!

– Fro

FPL Spurs Gameweek 29 Preview

Kane bailed his Spurs out last week against Palace in the dying minutes. It wasn’t pretty.  It was starting to feel like one of those days where nothing was going to go right. But good teams find a way to win and that’s that.

Next up: Huddersfield at Wembley. Spurs mustn’t look past this hurdle to their massive UCL matchup versus Juventus midweek. It’ll be tough to focus but the squad has improved its mental game and should see this through for three points. I predict a tighter match than it should be, but Spurs should prevail. Kane with the lone goal and winner for the second straight week.

Spurs 1–0 Huddersfield

FPL Guidance:

  1. Must: Kane (£12.7)
    • He’s one away from 25 on the season and will be third to do so in 3 consecutive seasons since Shearer and Henry. He wants it.
  2. Differential: Sánchez (£6.0 at 1.0%)
    • Four clean sheets in his last six starts. He’s stepped in for Alderweireld and has been up to the task. Barring a fluke goal, Spurs backline shouldn’t concede.
  3. Avoid: Lucas Moura (£8.0)
    • It’s very tempting to pick up the Brazilian, but with no way of getting tons of league minutes right now, don’t pull the trigger. His performance versus Rochdale was impressive (even if it was a low-tier club).

OR update: I’ve cracked the top 100K for the second time and hope to get below 75K this gameweek.

Transfers out: Deulofeu
Transfers in: De Bruyne

May all your arrows be green this week!

– Fro

FPL Gameweek 28 Preview

We’re coming down from our Champions League and FA Cup highs. It’s time to get to the last quarter of the Premier League season and what a gameweek this will be. Let’s take a look at the two heavyweight matchups taking place.


A battle of tactics? I think so. I don’t see this match being a free-flowing affair. Will Pogba rise to the top and prove his worth in the starting lineup (if he starts)? We’ll never know because Mourinho’s ego is above them all.

I actually see Conte pipping the Portuguese in this bout. Call me crazy, but Hazard is in blazing form and Willian is hot. He could’ve bagged three in their massive UCL clash with Barcelona. I can see the Brazilian being the difference.

Here’s a disturbing stat if you’re a United fan: the Red Devils have only won once in their last 14 matches against Chelsea (W1, D5, L8). It was last season in this same fixture. I don’t see it happening this time around though. If only Lukaku could find his feet against a top-six side, eh?

FPL guidance: Hazard or Willian. Two difference makers that trump any United pick other than DDG (who saved United’s skin in the UCL this week).

Prediction: Chelsea 2–1 United


Goals? I think so. I could see a minimum of four onion-sack bulges on the pitch come next Thursday. It actually pains me that we have to wait just under a week for this matchup.

Lots can happen between now and then, however. Do FPL managers risk keeping Sterling despite a nagging muscle injury? Do you keep hold of Agüero with the upcoming fixture list looking rocky and Jesus making a suspected comeback? This might be the time for City to slip (only a wee bit).

Here’s the so-so club stat of this matchup: the Gunners have only won two matches in their last 11 against City (W2, D5, L4). I do see them bouncing back from their poor showing yesterday against Swedish side Östersunds in the Europa League though. Let’s hope they don’t sit back against a more dominant City squad.

FPL guidance: KDB or Aubameyang. KDB is the most consistent/in form City player as of late and coming off 3 assists, he’ll be feeling it when it comes to threading and crossing balls into dangerous areas. Auba has the speed to get behind a sluggish Otamendi of late. Things will get interesting.

Prediction: City 2–2 Arsenal

Enjoy Gameweek 28! And as always, feel free to tweet me, @LuizsFro, for some FPL and PL banter.

– Fro

A Critical North London Derby

The day is upon us. The battle cries can be heard all over London and across the globe. This may be the most crucial North London Derby yet. The stakes are incredibly high.

With both club’s new signings vying for attention and a starting-XI spot, we’re in for a high-flying end-to-end barn burner. It will be quite the swing for a top-4 push if either team could snag a victory.

Let’s look at the FPL potential of the three hot newcomers, who will be diving deep into their first North London Derby blood rush:

  1. Lucas Moura (£8.0)
    • The speedy Brazilian is expected to make his first appearance for Spurs today. I expect him to come in as a sub instead of Sissoko for most likely Son. If he starts, it’ll hype up a lot of Spurs’ faithful. We’ll see if he’s worth picking up after seeing his pace at play in the Premier League and against a top-six side.
  2. Aubameyang (£10.5)
    • We’ll see if Aubameyang can consistently justify his FPL price tag. The striker is all-legs (and all-hair) and preys on getting behind his opponent’s backline. His little dink of a goal against Everton was impressive and quaint.
    • I’m thinking of jousting Agüero for gameweek 29 and bringing in Aubameyang as they start a friendly string of fixtures. It’d give me flexible funds for options elsewhere in defence or midfield.
  3. Mkhitaryan (£7.8)
    • I have a feeling that Mkhi will cool off again just like he did with United. Wenger will put his faith in him, but he isn’t strong enough on the ball to muscle his way through when times get tough.
    • Although, I would say Mkhi is the best bargain of these three new FPL options. He’ll have a hand in creating a lot of Arsenal’s scoring chances.

Sit back and grab the popcorn—this derby should be a doozy. Enjoy, and may all your arrows be green this gameweek!

– Fro

FPL GW24 Review | GW25 Preview

Spurs 1 – 1 Saints

Spurs never got into the groove against the Saints, and it cost them a top-4 spot. Kane had a glorious chance in the last minutes, but he and the squad never looked convincing to get a victory. Wipe away the OG and maybe this could’ve been a different story, but Son was absent, Alli never looked threatening, and when Eriksen and Lloris are out ill… good luck.

Next up: United. This will be a much-needed test for both squads. Alexis will be licking his chops after his last performance against them as a Gunner. Kane will most likely be given the space he needs to dominate, but it should be a tight match.

With the Lucas Moura move seemingly about to come to fruition, Spurs need that pace to inject a new attacking option into their arsenal. His services will hopefully be available by Liverpool on Feb. 4.

Prediction: Spurs 1 – 1 United

Spurs FPL Guidance

This is tough because a lot of people are thinking about minimizing their Spurs options due to the club’s next three fixtures: United, Liverpool, Arsenal, then Juventus in UCL—aka the gauntlet of their season. It will be a testing period for them. I’ll take the glass-half-full approach with you here, though.

1. Must swap: Kane (£13.0)

  • Kane shows up in the big matches. However, his record against Mourinho’s men isn’t stellar. I’d suggest (if you can afford to do so) swapping him out for Agüero for this gameweek and then bringing him back for Liverpool, who he dominated last time he played them.

2. Differential: Dier (£4.7 at 2.6%)

  • Best bang for your buck for a Spurs player under 10% selection. I wouldn’t suggest bringing in a defender due to the unlikelihood of clean sheets. Dier possesses the potential for the odd goal and he’s a cheap option.

3. Avoid: Eriksen (£9.2)

  • Coming back from illness against United, I really don’t see him making an impression on the match (if he plays). He was in decent form before he fell ill, so maybe hold off until this storm of fixtures subsides.

As always let me know our thoughts! Comment here or tweet me, @LuizsFro.

May all your arrows be green for Gameweek 25!

– Fro