FPL Chips: Free Hit Strategy

I’ve finally played my first chip of the season: Free Hit. I was skeptical about this new weapon and wasn’t sure when the right time would be to use it. It rightly took the place of the utterly disappointing All-Out-Attack chip, which allowed managers to field only two defenders (most of the FPL Community found it useless and actually worse than fielding a back three).

When would be the best time to play the Free Hit chip though? In a blank or double Gameweek?

In Gameweek 31, only 8 clubs are playing. Deciding who to play is proving difficult for many FPL managers. Other than Liverpool, the clubs playing are mediocre, and you probably don’t have many of their players in your FPL squad. Using the FPL chip now means you’re able to bring in a select 11 who are in form and among the few playing this Gameweek. You will also most likely be guaranteed a green arrow for your overall FPL rank.

A double Gameweek (DGW) is fast approaching too. If you’ve already spent your second Wildcard, the DGW may be a better option for you. Waiting to use the Free Hit for it will allow you to have a starting 11 who will reap two games’ worth of points each.

Free Hit Rules:

  • Activate and you’ll be able to make unlimited transfers for one Gameweek.
  • After playing your Free Hit chip, at the next deadline your bank balance and squad is restored to as they were at the previous deadline, with any player price changes in the previous Gameweek reflected.
  • Any change to your bank balance whilst the Free Hit chip was active will be lost.

Go ahead and see what you think about my Free Hit! Comment or tweet me your feedback: @LuizsFro



May all your arrows be green this Gameweek!

– Fro

FPL Tweets & Geeks

Let’s praise a handful of golden FPL managers this weekend. I was too late on the preview for gameweek 30, but I’ll praise these astute managers’ Twitter accounts this time around.

We all love FPL. We never stop talking about it and love to share our many strategies. That’s why we’re proud geeks of the game.

In no particular order, let’s get it on!

Sage (@FPLsage)

How could I not start with a fellow 3 Bonus Pints member? Sage injects creativity into every tweet and FPL move he executes. He never stops. You might find him sliding into your DMs every so often to get the inside scoop on your managerial plans. A true workhorse of the game. A great follow.


Garf (@FPL_Shark)

The legendary shark. Endlessly circles his transfer options and preys on the juicy picks, usually getting it spot on. Injects humour into the game as well. A great follow.


FPL Family Lee & Sam (@FPLFamily)

Lee & Sam are our FPL darlings. They embody everything pure about the game and invite us along for its genuine enjoyment. A Reds and Spurs fan power couple—their dynamic is electric. A great follow.


Fantasy Football Community (@FFCommunity_)

A true student of the game, covering all clubs and FPL aspects for each. FF Community is also a master of using the perfect GIF for a managerial blunder. A great follow.


Fantasy Footy Pundits (@FFPundits)

A gentle giant and such a community player, FF Pundits collects managers’ strategies and pumps them out like its giving candy to a mob of children. A true hero and a great follow.


Obviously, there are thousands more FPL managers who are producing great content, and I commend them all. The FPL community is a blossoming one.

May all your arrows be green this week!

– Fro

World Football’s Transfer Culture

Modern football has always revolved around money, where the world’s massive clubs roam the globe like heavy storm clouds looking for potential/skill and stealing it with a strike of lighting.

“Who can we buy? It doesn’t matter how much for.”

“Who do we fancy? It doesn’t matter how much talent our club already possesses.”

How can any club grow with the blossoming players they’ve developed when all its talent gets absorbed by a $100M+ paper towel?

Football is a cold-hearted business, I get it. But as a fan of the beautiful game and someone who wants to see competition in every league, where does this ‘money flinging to solve your footballing ebbs and flows’ come to a head? Will this outrageous transfer-spend trend continue to rise?

Neymar goes to PSG for about $500M and now he wants to leave again? Loyalty is dead. Football is corrupt and dying. Where is the love? Where are the boys playing the beautiful game in their neighbourhood streets? Who have these kids become?

Aaaaaaand, end rant.


Yours truly,

– Fro

Fro’s FPL New Year’s Wish

First off, I’d like to announce that our 3 Bonus Pints hiatus will be coming to a close very soon. We are finding a diplomatic way to settle our creative differences. Ned wants more credit, Sage wants more volume, and I just want us all to get along.

Over the holidays, we hung up our boots (we’re too poor to have speciality stockings) and wished for Big Sam (Allardyce) to shuffle down our chimneys and fill our boots with green arrows. I’m afraid it didn’t happen. Well, I shouldn’t say that… because it happened for Ned.

I’m afraid Ned cannot be caught in FPL. While we were watching the acrimonious Spurs vs Hammers draw, Ned (a Spurs fan) was inexplicably and figuratively forever blowing bubbles. He turned his phone screen toward me and I saw that he was ranked 20th overall in Canada. I was taken aback and a tinge of jealousy glistened through my pint.

It will now be my New Year’s wish, resolution, and mission to catch Ned in the FPL overall rankings. A lofty goal, no doubt. Wish me green-arrow luck.

p.s. Ned, I think you’ve now earned the credit you’ve long sought after.

– Fro

FPL – International Breaks are the Worst

It’s been some time since you’ve heard from Luiz’s Fro. I’ve been behind the scenes working hard on designing a new visual identity for Luiz’s Fro. You’ll get to see it very soon, but for now, we must discuss FPL.

Who are the FPL conspiracy theorists out there? It’s very fishy/smart how several players’ injuries have arisen before this week’s international friendlies’ selections. Apart from poor Jack Butland’s broken finger, it’s too convenient that certain players went down with an injury to avoid being selected for their national squad.

It seems as though this is the perfect week break to rest before the holiday season is thrust upon the Premier League. I know it’s an honour to earn each and every cap for your country, but sometimes clubs are screwed over due to alternative physio practices and training regimes a lesser national team might have.

Let’s look at Spurs. They have 9 injuries and top the league in that category alongside Watford. Vertonghen, Kane, Alli, and Winks all just came down with not-so-concerning injuries. Why? Well, because either the injuries happened or just because now’s the time to rest!

It’s no secret that managers have complained about letting their prized players go play ‘meaningless’ friendlies. Many have been outspoken in previous years about wishing they could just no let them go.

I love to speculate about this sort of thing. Let me know what you think! Leave a comment or tweet me: @LuizsFro.

Enjoy the rest of this miserable international break!

– Fro

The Woes of the International Break

As we watch the last rounds of games for World Cup Qualifying run their course, we contemplate our FPL teams with great distress. Here are some of the trends over the week to be aware of:

Wildcards Played: Over 175,000 managers decided to use these two weeks to reshuffle their squads. Have you pulled the trigger?

Striker swap: Firmino’s pining plus Aguero and Morata’s injuries has sparked a massive shift toward Kane, Jesus, and Vardy. Lukaku has also seemed to pick up an ankle injury, so keep an eye on his status next week.

Keeper watch: Elliot continues to rise in owners having a decent string of fixtures coming up. Ederson is a prime option considering his form and string of fixtures coming up as well. You may want to swap in Ederson for de Gea considering United has Liverpool and Spurs as two of their next three matchups.


We will record our second episode of the 3 Bonus Pints podcast on next Tuesday! Tweet in any questions you may have for GW8 to @LuizsFro, @FPLsage, or @realsmooove with #3BonusPints

I’ll check in again next week before the deadline to see what’s worthy of attention in the Premier League world.

Until then, cheers!

– Fro