FPL Podcast – 3 Bonus Pints | Episode 5: Ned’s Flying High

We’re back! In this episode, we scratch our FPL-riddled heads and wonder how Ned is doing so well (13th in Canada? Top 1,000 in the world?!) No wrong answers with Ned this time around—only “right” ones.

But I’ll let Sage prime you before you get into a half an hour of FPL enlightenment:

“After the festive fixtures, and a lacklustre double gameweek we have forged our way into the second half of the FPL season. The lucrative wildcard button is available and some managers have already activated. The #3BonusPints podcast is reviving their recording to discuss the best time to use the wildcard, bench boost, triple captain, and free hit chips.

We will also look at which players you need to bring into your team over the next 3 gameweeks and who you should avoid. As always, we will provide comedic relief amidst the stressful highs and lows of FPL drama. Gameweek 24 sees some favourable fixtures for the big clubs, so we will address the ever-important captaincy pick! Tune in and enjoy.”

FPL Podcast – 3 Bonus Pints – Ep. 4: A Slack Baker’s Dozen

Fresh off the international break, the Premier League is back and ready to swing into its jam-packed holiday stretch. To get you settled back in, episode 4 of the 3 Bonus Pints is UP.

We have exciting news about the podcast: we’re now listed as an Apple podcast, so subscribe and fret no more!

Heading into Gameweek 12, Sage, Ned and I venture into our FPL lineups and how they’re shaping up for the holiday fixtures. We talk about some icy insights from The Fantasy Football Pundits and FPL Él Statto weighs in with a few tips of their own.

Pull up your squad, crack a tall boy, and settle in for some FPL banter and laughs.

May all your arrows be green this gameweek!

– Fro

FPL Podcast – 3 Bonus Pints (Episode 3)

Hello again! It’s time for episode 3 of the 3 Bonus Pints. Gameweek 9 was an exciting one with Brighton & Hove upsetting the downtrodden Hammers and Spurs bashing the defence of Liverpool.

We have lots to talk about, so pull up your FPL squad, tuck yourself in, and listen to Sage, Ned, and I as we share a few pints and talk all things FPL.

This episode, ‘Wrong Answers with Ned’ kicks us off, we talk about a couple of FPL managers’ potential Wildcard teams, and we address the City conundrum of how to approach the Cityzens’ rotation risks. Enjoy!

May all your arrows be green this weekend!

– Fro

3 Bonus Pints – The International Break is a Wildcard (Ep. 2)

On this week’s episode of the 3 Bonus Pints, we kick things off with a new segment: Wrong Answers with Ned. Sage goes through a rapid-fire list of FPL and simple soccer-related questions and Ned has to come up with quick answers. The one catch is that he has to give incorrect answers!

We also sit down and discuss the use of a potential wildcard. Many people decided to activate during the international break, so we debated whether or not it was a good idea to before gameweek 8.

Funny enough, Sage, Ned and I have all used our wildcards. Do we regret it? You’ll have to listen to find out.

Our reaction to USA’s failure to qualify for next year’s World Cup also features on this episode, as we find out while we’re recording thanks to some tweets.


– Fro

Introducing the 3 Bonus Pints Podcast

Hello! Sage, Ned and I (Fro) have jumped straight into a podcast to talk about our beloved FPL and the beautiful game. We couldn’t wait to get started. In each episode, we’ll pour ourselves a few bonus pints and chat away.

This is the first of many bi-weekly podcasts. We hope you’ll enjoy.

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Cheers for listening!

– Fro