Due to an insane last week of studies in my program, I did not strategize my Wildcard enough. I activated last night knowing I needed to get this chip dealt so I could play another for the DGW!

It’s time I look through the microscope at my new squad (well, half new). I’m 56K overall at the moment and need some green arrows. With my Triple Captain and Bench Boost to play, I predict boatloads of green arrows to dock at my FPL port in the near future.

So here it is. Rip it apart. Praise it. I just need to know, what’s the better chip to use for the DGW? The BB or TC?

My bench has favourable matchups but Leicester have the most favourable double… but will Vardy and Mahrez produce several cracking returns?

Let me know what you think here or as always, tweet me at @LuizsFro.

May all your arrows be green next Gameweek! Should be a doozy.

– Fro