FPL Tweets & Geeks

Let’s praise a handful of golden FPL managers this weekend. I was too late on the preview for gameweek 30, but I’ll praise these astute managers’ Twitter accounts this time around.

We all love FPL. We never stop talking about it and love to share our many strategies. That’s why we’re proud geeks of the game.

In no particular order, let’s get it on!

Sage (@FPLsage)

How could I not start with a fellow 3 Bonus Pints member? Sage injects creativity into every tweet and FPL move he executes. He never stops. You might find him sliding into your DMs every so often to get the inside scoop on your managerial plans. A true workhorse of the game. A great follow.


Garf (@FPL_Shark)

The legendary shark. Endlessly circles his transfer options and preys on the juicy picks, usually getting it spot on. Injects humour into the game as well. A great follow.


FPL Family Lee & Sam (@FPLFamily)

Lee & Sam are our FPL darlings. They embody everything pure about the game and invite us along for its genuine enjoyment. A Reds and Spurs fan power couple—their dynamic is electric. A great follow.


Fantasy Football Community (@FFCommunity_)

A true student of the game, covering all clubs and FPL aspects for each. FF Community is also a master of using the perfect GIF for a managerial blunder. A great follow.


Fantasy Footy Pundits (@FFPundits)

A gentle giant and such a community player, FF Pundits collects managers’ strategies and pumps them out like its giving candy to a mob of children. A true hero and a great follow.


Obviously, there are thousands more FPL managers who are producing great content, and I commend them all. The FPL community is a blossoming one.

May all your arrows be green this week!

– Fro

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