World Football’s Transfer Culture

Modern football has always revolved around money, where the world’s massive clubs roam the globe like heavy storm clouds looking for potential/skill and stealing it with a strike of lighting.

“Who can we buy? It doesn’t matter how much for.”

“Who do we fancy? It doesn’t matter how much talent our club already possesses.”

How can any club grow with the blossoming players they’ve developed when all its talent gets absorbed by a $100M+ paper towel?

Football is a cold-hearted business, I get it. But as a fan of the beautiful game and someone who wants to see competition in every league, where does this ‘money flinging to solve your footballing ebbs and flows’ come to a head? Will this outrageous transfer-spend trend continue to rise?

Neymar goes to PSG for about $500M and now he wants to leave again? Loyalty is dead. Football is corrupt and dying. Where is the love? Where are the boys playing the beautiful game in their neighbourhood streets? Who have these kids become?

Aaaaaaand, end rant.


Yours truly,

– Fro

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