FPL – International Breaks are the Worst

It’s been some time since you’ve heard from Luiz’s Fro. I’ve been behind the scenes working hard on designing a new visual identity for Luiz’s Fro. You’ll get to see it very soon, but for now, we must discuss FPL.

Who are the FPL conspiracy theorists out there? It’s very fishy/smart how several players’ injuries have arisen before this week’s international friendlies’ selections. Apart from poor Jack Butland’s broken finger, it’s too convenient that certain players went down with an injury to avoid being selected for their national squad.

It seems as though this is the perfect week break to rest before the holiday season is thrust upon the Premier League. I know it’s an honour to earn each and every cap for your country, but sometimes clubs are screwed over due to alternative physio practices and training regimes a lesser national team might have.

Let’s look at Spurs. They have 9 injuries and top the league in that category alongside Watford. Vertonghen, Kane, Alli, and Winks all just came down with not-so-concerning injuries. Why? Well, because either the injuries happened or just because now’s the time to rest!

It’s no secret that managers have complained about letting their prized players go play ‘meaningless’ friendlies. Many have been outspoken in previous years about wishing they could just no let them go.

I love to speculate about this sort of thing. Let me know what you think! Leave a comment or tweet me: @LuizsFro.

Enjoy the rest of this miserable international break!

– Fro

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