The Woes of the International Break

As we watch the last rounds of games for World Cup Qualifying run their course, we contemplate our FPL teams with great distress. Here are some of the trends over the week to be aware of:

Wildcards Played: Over 175,000 managers decided to use these two weeks to reshuffle their squads. Have you pulled the trigger?

Striker swap: Firmino’s pining plus Aguero and Morata’s injuries has sparked a massive shift toward Kane, Jesus, and Vardy. Lukaku has also seemed to pick up an ankle injury, so keep an eye on his status next week.

Keeper watch: Elliot continues to rise in owners having a decent string of fixtures coming up. Ederson is a prime option considering his form and string of fixtures coming up as well. You may want to swap in Ederson for de Gea considering United has Liverpool and Spurs as two of their next three matchups.


We will record our second episode of the 3 Bonus Pints podcast on next Tuesday! Tweet in any questions you may have for GW8 to @LuizsFro, @FPLsage, or @realsmooove with #3BonusPints

I’ll check in again next week before the deadline to see what’s worthy of attention in the Premier League world.

Until then, cheers!

– Fro



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